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Two by Two are working together to create inclusive community art events that aim to promote and inspire talent within the local arts scene. Through our community art projects and events, we hope to generate more of a sense of pride about what has, and can be achieved and created in Sale, whilst promoting Sale’s reputation as an artistic hub of Greater Manchester.

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  1. morning,do you need helpers/volunteers? I am Sale childminder who has textile background and loves creating stuff. I run 2 toddler groups and have just booked SALE MOOR COMMUNITY CENTRE for a community event in November. I have recently joined the Community centre committee and Friends of Moor Nook Park so love being active within the community. I also volunteer at Childrens scrapstore Salford when they hold Super Saturdays.
    I think we would get along swimmingly xxx

    1. Hello Janet,
      Thanks for getting in touch! Lovely to hear you volunteer at Childrens Scrapstore Salford as well – we love that place!
      We always are keen to hear from people happy to help – and we have a couple of events coming up where we will almost certainly need some keen volunteers.
      We will get in touch with you directly and sort out meeting up with you to talk about how you may be able to get involved.
      Best wishes,
      anna and zoe, Two by Two

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