Sale on Safari…

Thanks to the incredible efforts of an amazing bunch of volunteers, Sale Safari Footprint Trail is happening in Sale town centre from now until the 31st of August.

You can collect your free Trail Map from any of the participating stores on the trail; Bianco’s Café, Trader’s Outlet, Meeks Shoes, Heart to Heart, The Edge Hairdressers and Bean & Brush Café.

Read all about it in Sale Messenger today, and come into town while the sun is shining to enjoy the trail!

For more information about store opening times please check on our Sale Safari Facebook Event Page. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the trail!

Olivia and Jacob on safari!
Olivia and Jacob on safari!

Penguin Parade in Pictures

All photographs taken by the supremely talented snap-happy Matt Short, thank you Matt!

Hit Parade of Penguins!

Thanks to an incredible turn-out and the most wonderful team of Two by Two volunteers, Sale Library now has just shy of 300 parading penguins colourfully perched on top of the bookshelves. It truly is a sight to behold! Thank you!

Here are just a small selection of the fabulous photos by local photographer Matt Short, who willingly volunteered his snap-happy-skills for all of Saturday – thank you Matt!

A big thank you also needs to go out to all the staff at Sale Library, who were both shocked and amazed at the parading hoardes of people and penguins amongst the shelves. Thank you for hosting our event with such enthusiasm, and for housing 298 penguins for the next week or so!

If you’ve not managed to see the final parade in all its brilliant penguin glory, head down to Sale Library this week, and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear what you think of the Penguin Parade installation in our Facebook group!

Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015

The Penguin Parade was funded by a Cash4Graft award from Forever Manchester, and run entirely on tea and arty-determination of the Two by Two team of volunteers.

Penguin Parade!

The Penguin Parade is happening this Saturday 11th July, at Sale Library, from 10:30am until 3:30pm.

Please come along and decorate a penguin! We have lots of craft materials, and plenty of gloopy-glue to make a lot of cardboard flat-pack penguins into a brilliant and colourful parade!

It promises to be a fun-filled day of penguin antics, so we hope you’ll come along, decorate a penguin and enter it into our “Best Dressed Penguin” competition!

Click here to view the event on Facebook, where you can invite friends and family to join in too!

Penguin Parade! FREE Drop-in family friendly art event.
Penguin Parade! FREE Drop-in family friendly art event.


Zoe and I are resembling headless other-flightless-birds as we count down the days to the Penguin Parade!

In amidst the running about, we had a lovely journalist called Matthew Taylor from the Messenger newspaper get in touch with us. He wrote a lovely article about what we’re up to at the Two by Two HQ.

Penguins Ready!

Happy Monday

Two by Two were on the road bright and early this morning after school drop-off. We packed the smallest members of the team into the car and headed round the M60 to Oldham, to see a man about some penguins.

A month or two ago, we were fortunate enough to be recommended a ‘man who can’. Someone who wouldn’t laugh in the face of a Penguin Parade Project, and someone who would not usher our small-fry community group business back out the door with a wry smile. On the contrary, Dave positively embraced the penguins!

Consequently, after signing off some very cool cardboard penguin samples today, we will be p-p-p-picking up 500 of the beauties next week, all set for our Penguin Parade antics on Saturday the 11th of July as part of Sale Arts Trail!

Thank you Dave, and ALL the team at Charles Robinson, particularly those who weathered the somewhat menacing storm that was my toddler son rampaging the workshop today (top marks owed for the much better behaved Jacob!).

The penguins are coming!

We are Two by Two, Hurrah!

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