Two by Two is taking a break…

2x2Two by Two has been a rollercoaster of giant proportions, with so many amazing experiences & adventures. Set up to make a difference to where we live, bring people together, to educate, inspire, encourage and entertain. I have met some amazing people and made many new friends.

Despite all this, I have had an offer of an amazing new job opportunity which means that for now, Two by Two is having a rest.

In February 2018 I began a 12 month post with Trafford Housing Trust. As Capacity Builder on the Social Investment Team, I will be working across South Trafford offering support and guidance to community groups, charities, organisations and residents who are working towards our key priorities….with the overall aim to relieve poverty in Trafford. That might be through boosting household income and reducing costs, improving education standards and increasing skills, creating long term economic growth and strengthening families and communities.

Running Two by Two Hurrah as a Community Group, and later as a business, has been an amazing journey and I have learnt so much about community work and business. My new role is a great opportunity for me turn the tables and support other new groups and communities in delivering fantastic community work across South Trafford.

If, by chance, you are part of a community group, charity, CIC, or network and think your work does one of the Social Investment priorities then please get in touch. I may be able to offer you support in applying for our funding or building your business in a sustainable and beneficial way. My new email is