Statistically Speaking about Sale Safari Trail

Last Thursday we were invited by the Sale Locality Partnership to deliver a presentation about “Sale Safari Footprint Trail”, to explain what we had managed to achieve using the ‘Make Sale Smile’ £500 award we received back in May.

Wondering how best to quantify and present the information we had accumulated through our short feedback questionnaires from this event, Zoe and I were advised to knock on the doors of the phenomenally helpful data-wizards that reside at Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab in Sale.

Paul and James were keen to talk about all aspects of the Trail with us, as well as get a handle on our aims and objectives as a group. Their keen interest and wizardry with our data resulted in this presentation that is now live on their site. (click here to view).

It was a great opportunity for us to experience how the Lab’s skills in data-management, manipulation and visualisation could generate insights into our data that we’d have likely overlooked (we even learnt how to do cool stuff with pivot charts). So, as well as helping us to deliver a comprehensive and insightful presentation to the Partnership, thanks to Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab we now also have presentable evidence of our work that will doubtless be of great help with future funding bids.

We met Paul Westland and James Austin at an open drop-in session at Thrive, Trafford Housing Trust, at Sale Point (click here for details of their next funding support sessions).

Stampy happy people

Lots of smiling people have been collecting their prizes from Trader’s Outlet in Sale this week. Here is the full list of winners and the fantastic prizes that were donated by our local shops in Sale.

Congratulations Molly Walker, Jessica Kershaw and Chloe Roberts; the three of you each win a Gift Pack containing: A Bean & Brush Decopatch kit, a Heart to Heart Thornton’s Bunny with chocolate lolly and a Miniature Safari Animal Wind-up Toy.

Congratulations to Molly Hardy, winner of the Bianco’s Café hamper with £10 of gift vouchers, scicilian pastries, and lots of other tasty italian treats!

Amelia Earl, you have won £30 of vouchers to spend at Meeks Shoes in Sale, congratulations!

Well done Betsy Friend, you won our ‘Baby Bundle’ with two plush toys and a knitted hat from Trader’s Outlet.

Freya Kelly has won a ‘Mum & Daughter File & Polish’ pamper session at Beauty in Elysium above The Edge HD.

Finley Leonard has won a £15 voucher to spend at Sale Fish and Seafood Fishmongers (thanks to Diamond Daz’s support!)

Congratulations to Olivier Chateauneuf, Esme Guy, and Tilly Hadwyn-Wright, you have each won a £10 ticket to spend in the Bean & Brush Art Studio on some fun Decopatch activities.

Well done to Anna Cullen who has won her mum a free ‘Cut and Blow’ from The Edge Hairdressing Salon.

Congratulations Sophia Bell, winner of a Traders Outlet girls hamper – including a range of cute accessories.

Well done to James Trimble, winner of the ‘Lad & Dad’ haircuts at Dean’s Barbers.

Joseph Nines will be heading home with a 6ft tall cardboard cut-out of Thor – congratulations!

…and finally…. the Batman bag of superhero goodies, donated by Traders Outlet, including a Force Field Room Alarm, Spiderman magnet, and X-Men comics goes to Joe Hiley. Hurrah!

Safari Trail Prizewinners

We had over 1500 people following our footprint trail through Sale Town Centre this summer, and hundreds of you posted your completed Safari Trail Maps to enter our fun prize draw. THANK YOU so much for taking part, it has been a brilliant success, and we’ve been blown away with how many positive comments you’ve made, and what fantastic photos many of you posted to our Facebook page. Click here to see a collection of them.

All sixteen winners were announced last Friday night, and people have been collecting their prizes from the lovely Tracey at Trader’s Outlet over the weekend. Take a look at their Twitter feed to see pictures of some of the lucky winners receiving their prizes.

We hope the success of this project will help strengthen future funding applications, so that next Summer, there will indeed be more than just footprints through Sale Town Centre! Click here to read more about our ideas for Sale Art Zoo for Summer 2016.


Hop, skip and a stamp!

With just ten days left of our Sale Safari Footprint Trail to go, we have been enjoying looking through all of the lovely photos and comments our safari-goers have shared with us in our Facebook Group. Click here to have a look at them all in a gallery on our website project page.

Need an excuse to re-run the fun of your safari steps through Sale town centre? Then check our Two by Two Facebook page to find out how to enter our fun FREE competition to WIN some fantastic goodies from Traders Outlet during these last days of the trail!


Sale on Safari…

Thanks to the incredible efforts of an amazing bunch of volunteers, Sale Safari Footprint Trail is happening in Sale town centre from now until the 31st of August.

You can collect your free Trail Map from any of the participating stores on the trail; Bianco’s Café, Trader’s Outlet, Meeks Shoes, Heart to Heart, The Edge Hairdressers and Bean & Brush Café.

Read all about it in Sale Messenger today, and come into town while the sun is shining to enjoy the trail!

For more information about store opening times please check on our Sale Safari Facebook Event Page. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the trail!

Olivia and Jacob on safari!
Olivia and Jacob on safari!

Penguin Parade in Pictures

All photographs taken by the supremely talented snap-happy Matt Short, thank you Matt!

Hit Parade of Penguins!

Thanks to an incredible turn-out and the most wonderful team of Two by Two volunteers, Sale Library now has just shy of 300 parading penguins colourfully perched on top of the bookshelves. It truly is a sight to behold! Thank you!

Here are just a small selection of the fabulous photos by local photographer Matt Short, who willingly volunteered his snap-happy-skills for all of Saturday – thank you Matt!

A big thank you also needs to go out to all the staff at Sale Library, who were both shocked and amazed at the parading hoardes of people and penguins amongst the shelves. Thank you for hosting our event with such enthusiasm, and for housing 298 penguins for the next week or so!

If you’ve not managed to see the final parade in all its brilliant penguin glory, head down to Sale Library this week, and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear what you think of the Penguin Parade installation in our Facebook group!

Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015 Penguin Parade 2015

The Penguin Parade was funded by a Cash4Graft award from Forever Manchester, and run entirely on tea and arty-determination of the Two by Two team of volunteers.

Penguin Parade!

The Penguin Parade is happening this Saturday 11th July, at Sale Library, from 10:30am until 3:30pm.

Please come along and decorate a penguin! We have lots of craft materials, and plenty of gloopy-glue to make a lot of cardboard flat-pack penguins into a brilliant and colourful parade!

It promises to be a fun-filled day of penguin antics, so we hope you’ll come along, decorate a penguin and enter it into our “Best Dressed Penguin” competition!

Click here to view the event on Facebook, where you can invite friends and family to join in too!

Penguin Parade! FREE Drop-in family friendly art event.
Penguin Parade! FREE Drop-in family friendly art event.


Zoe and I are resembling headless other-flightless-birds as we count down the days to the Penguin Parade!

In amidst the running about, we had a lovely journalist called Matthew Taylor from the Messenger newspaper get in touch with us. He wrote a lovely article about what we’re up to at the Two by Two HQ.

Penguins Ready!

Happy Monday

Two by Two were on the road bright and early this morning after school drop-off. We packed the smallest members of the team into the car and headed round the M60 to Oldham, to see a man about some penguins.

A month or two ago, we were fortunate enough to be recommended a ‘man who can’. Someone who wouldn’t laugh in the face of a Penguin Parade Project, and someone who would not usher our small-fry community group business back out the door with a wry smile. On the contrary, Dave positively embraced the penguins!

Consequently, after signing off some very cool cardboard penguin samples today, we will be p-p-p-picking up 500 of the beauties next week, all set for our Penguin Parade antics on Saturday the 11th of July as part of Sale Arts Trail!

Thank you Dave, and ALL the team at Charles Robinson, particularly those who weathered the somewhat menacing storm that was my toddler son rampaging the workshop today (top marks owed for the much better behaved Jacob!).

The penguins are coming!